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The three time MVP, Alex Rodriguez won the award twice with the Yankees in 2005, and 2007, and won the MVP with the Rangers in 2003.

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Q: What years did A-Rod win the MVP Award with the New York Yankees?
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Who plays 3rd base in the New York Yankees?


How much do the New York Yankees players get paid?

Anywhere from the minimum ($380,000 per year) to Arod, who makes about $30,000,000 per year.

Did A rod play for the red sox?

No. Through the 2008 season, ARod has played for the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, and New York Yankees.

How many home runs has arod hit 2008 year?

Alex rodriguez hit 35 home runs for the New York Yankees in 2008.

Who was the first player to win a Gold Glove at 2nd base for the New York Yankees?

In 1961, Bobby Richardson became the first player to win the Gold Glove Award at second base for the New York Yankees. Bobby won the award five years in a row from 1961 to 1965.

Who are The New York Yankees right handed batters with 40 home runs in a season?

Only 2--Joe DiMaggio and ARod. Joe D only did it once, hitting 46 in 1937, and ARod twice, hitting 48 in 2005 and 54 in 2007.

Who was the last New York Yankees Rookie of the Year Award winner?

Derek Jeter was the last Yankees player to win the Rookie of the Year Award. He won it in 1996.

Who won the New York Yankees MVP Award for 2005?

Alex Rodriguez won the 2005 A.L. MVP Award.

Who won the Warren Spahn Award in 2003?

Andy Pettitte, New York Yankees

Who won the Hutch Award in 1998?

* 1998 David Cone, New York Yankees

How many New York Yankees won the Cy Young award?

New York Yankees Cy Young Award WinnersThere have been 5 Yankees that won the Cy Young AwardBob Turley - 1958Whitey Ford - 1961Sparky Lyle - 1977Ron Guidry - 1978Roger Clemens - 2001

How long did Derek jeter play on the New York Yankees?

19 years he played for the NEW YORK YANKEES.

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