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1967 and made legal two years later.

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Q: What year where slam dunks made illegal in basketball?
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Where did Michael Jordan make his dunks?

Michael Jordan made his slam dunks on the basketball court during basketball games.

What are the facts about basketball?

in 1967 slam dunks were made illegalin 1976 slam dunks were made legal againa man called Marco Hung only said one word after his father told him basketball was his hobby before he died and that was basketball.In 1967, slam dunks were considered illegal; after nine years, it became legal again.first backboard was made of wire, game was made in the YMCA ( I think), there used to be no 3 point line

Did DRJ make slam dunks?

If he's black he made slam dunks. no racism intended

Who made the most slam dunks?

hakeem olajuwon

Where can one view Vince Carter slam dunks?

Videos of slam dunks that Vince Carter has made can be watched at the NBA website, Slam Online, NBA Dunks, Meta Cafe and at YouTube. The SB Nation website has a list of all of his slam dunks and select videos of the most recent.

Kobe Bryant's favorote thing about basketball?

doing 3 pointer shot and slam dunks

What NBA team made the most slam dunks this season?

Orlando magic

Year slam dunk became illegal?

The slam dunk has never been against the rules, or 'illegal' in the National Basketball Association. However, the NCAA made dunking against the rules in college games from 1967-1976.

How many slam dunks did Micheal Jordan do?


How many dunks did Dwyane Wade have this season?

I think Dwyane Wade has 168 slam dunks this season.

How many slam dunks does LeBron James have?

Over the course of his career, Lebron James has over 100 slam dunks. Although, he has never actually won a Slam Dunk Contest. He simply refuses to even enter the Slam Dunk Contest.

How many slam-dunks did John Wall do?

To many to count

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