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The New York Knickerbockers, or Knicks, are a professional Basketball team based in New York City. They play in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Founded in 1946 (Charter member of the BAA, later NBA).

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Q: What year where The New York Knickerbockers or Knicks founded?
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What year did the New York Knicks originate?

The New York Knicks were founded in 1946.

What year where the knicks founded?

The New York Knicks were founded in 1946.

What amari contract worth with the New York Knicks?

Amare Stoudemire signed a 5 year 100 million dollar contract with the Knicks.

What year was New York University founded?

New York University founded in 1831.

What year were New York Giants founded?

The New York Giants were founded in 1925.

What year did Phil Jackson win the championship ring wit knicks?

Phil Jackson won the 1973 NBA Championship with the New York Knicks. He was hurt during the Knicks title run in 1970.

How much is Carmelo Anthony's contract for this season?

with the nuggets or the knicks? New York Knicks contract for him is a three year contract for 65 million. For three years.

What is Carmelo Anthony's salary?

Carmelo Anthony makes $$22,458,401 for this year. He is currently on contract with the New York Knicks until the end of the 2018 season. His salary will increase yearly until then. Below is the amount he is making this year and in each other year until his contract is up. For more information on Melo, click here

What year was Wells Fargo founded in?

Wells Fargo was founded on March 18, 1852 in New York City, New York.

What year New York City was founded?


What day of the year was New York founded?

On a Saturday.

What year was the New York Mets founded?


What year did the Spurs first go to the NBA Finals?

1999 against the New York Knicks. They won 4 to 1.

In what year did Phil Jackson play?

He was in the New York Knicks from 1967-1978 and New Jersey Nets 1978-1980.

Who won the NBA finals in 1970?

The New York Knicks won the finals that year beating the Lakers 4-3

Has carmello Anthony played for any nba team other than the nuggets?

He was traded to the New York Knicks this year

What year was New Directions founded?

New Directions Publishing was founded in the year 1936. This publishing company was founded by James Laughlin and has the headquarters in New York City.

What year was the state New York founded?

new york was founded in July 26, 1788, in the united states of America. it was recgonized as the eleventh state.

What year was New York City built?

Founded in 1624

What year was New York founded?

New Amsterdam was founded around 1625. The English took control and renamed it New York in 1664.

What year did the New York Yankees New York Giants and New York Knicks win in the same season?

I take it you mean the New York Giants football team, and what year did the Yankee Giants, and Knicks all win a championship. The Knicks only have two championships. They won in 1970, and 1973. The Yankees (93-69), Finished 2nd in AL Eastern Division in 1970, and in 1973 80-82, Finished 4th in AL Eastern Division. The New York Giants football team have 3 Super bowl championships, 1986, 1990, and 2007

What year did Earl Monroe get traded to the Knicks?

The Pearl was traded to the Knicks on November 11, 1971,

In what year was the American heart association founded?

the association was founded in 1924 in new york city by six cardiologist

What year was NY City founded?

New York City was founded in 1624 by Dutch colonists as a trading post.

In what year was Poets and Writers Inc founded?

Poets and Writers Inc. was founded in the year 1970 in New York by the director of the YM-YWHA Poetry Center, Galen Williams. They are headquartered in New York City.

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