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1996is the year the Olympics were held

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Q: What year were the Olympics held in Atlanta GA?
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What year where the Olympics in Atlanta GA?


Where were 1984 Olympics held?

The 1984 Winter Olympics were held in Sarajevo and the 1984 Summer Olympics were held in Los Angeles. Sarajevo During the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA, a bomb was placed in a trash can.

Were the 2004 Olympics games held in the US?

No. They were held in Athens, Greece. The 1996 Summer Olympics were held in Atlanta, GA, and the 2002 Winter Games were held in Salt lake City, UT.

Where was the rowing event for the 1996 Atlanta GA Olympics held?

Lake Lanier near Gainsville, Georgia.

What place was the Olympics 1996 in?

Atlanta, GA

What country hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics?

The US. The 1996 Summer Olympics were held in Atlanta, GA from July 19 to August 4, 1996.

Dan o' brien won the olympic gold medal for decathlon at the 1996 summer Olympics held in what city and state?


As the Olympics ever been in the US?

Yes, it was in Atlanta, GA in 1996.

When was the last time the olympic games were held in the US?

Winter Olympics - 2002 in Salt Lake City Summer Olympics - 1996 in AtlantaThe last Winter Olympics in the U.S. were in Salt Lake City, UT in 2002.The last Summer Olympics in the U.S. were in Atlanta, GA in 1996.

Who hosted the Atlanta Olympics?

I would guess to say the the United Stated hosted them.... being as Atlanta GA is part of the United States.

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