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Dave Taylor, a foreman at the Thames Iron Works, and the owner of the Thames Iron Works Arnold Hills. They founded the club in 1895 and it was known as Thames Ironworks. Some employees played for the team. The club was wound up in June 1900 and relaunched in July 1900 as West Ham United.

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In 1895 Thames Ironworks F.C was formed, in 1900 they were renamed West Ham United F.C.

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It was originally called West Bromwich Strollers and was founded by workers from George Salter's Spring Works.

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sbo bet at the moment

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Q: What year were West Ham United founded?
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What type of club is West Ham United?

West Ham United is a professional football club in London, England. The club founded in 1895 reformed in 1900. The club relocated in 1904 to the Boleyn Ground Stadium.

Who was West Ham United's Player of the year in 1966?

Bobby Moore.

When were west ham founded?


What are the odds bookmakers are placing on West Ham United Football club being relagated at the end of the season?

West ham united have a every chance of being relegated this year.

When was West Ham United L.F.C. created?

West Ham United L.F.C. was created in 1991.

When was West Ham United F.C. created?

West Ham United F.C. was created in 1895.

How long has west ham been playing football?

The club was founded in 1895 as Thames Ironworks FC and reformed in 1900 as West Ham United. So it depends on your point of view, either 111 years as West Ham, or 116 years as both clubs.

When was west ham united made?

West Ham United Football Club is an English football club based in Upton Park, London Borough of Newham, East London. They have played their home matches at the Boleyn Ground stadium since 1904.The club was founded as Thames Ironworks F.C. in 1895 and was later reformed, in 1900 as West Ham United

What division does West Ham United participate in?

The division that West Ham United participates in is the Premier League in England.

Who is the Chairman of West Ham United FC?

The Chairman of West Ham United F.C in England is Eggert Magnusson.

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What year was west ham united football club found?

bout 1896 bout 1896