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Q: What year was the original song Supersonic by JJ fad?
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Who made the hip hop song supersonic?

jj fad

Who sang the song supersonic?

two different songs: Jamiroquai in 2000 J.J. Fad in 1988

Who had the smash hit supersonic in 1994?

There is No record of a smash hit Supersonic in the USA in 1994 The two top 40 chart hits titled Supersonic were: 2000 by Jamiroquai 1988 by J.J. Fad

What year did bamboo earrings become a fad?

around the mid 1980's


Silly Bandz

What are 3 big fads among Japanese middle students?

fad fad fad

How can a 14 year old get slim in 5 months?

Exercise and a healthy diet - not a FAD diet.

Fad and fad and fadp are all what?


What year was pet rock a fad?

The product, Pet Rock, was very popular during the 1970's

What do Fad diets typically do?

fad diets typically do what

How do you do a sentence with fad?

Fast food is a fad among kids

When was Planking - fad - created?

Planking - fad - was created in 1997.

When was The Fad created?

The Fad was created on 2008-03-03.

When was Not Just a Fad created?

Not Just a Fad was created in 1989.

When was Fad Browne born?

Fad Browne was born in 1906.

When did Fad Browne die?

Fad Browne died in 1991.

How did fad diets get their name?

They obtained the name of fad diet because a fad is a short surge of popularity or fame (such as Pet Rocks or Silly Bandz). A fad diet is a short surge in trying to lose weight.

What is a fad product?

A fad is a fashion that is a popular craze for a short time.

When FADH2 has become FAD it has been what?

oxidized. when fad reacts to fadh2 it is said to be reduced

What is fad in Tagalog?

Tagalog Translation of FAD: nauuso

What is food fad?

A food fad is what happens when a certain food is consumed by people simply because others are doing it. A popular food fad is low or no carb.

What actors and actresses appeared in Dr. Fad - 1990?

The cast of Dr. Fad - 1990 includes: Ken Hakuta as Dr. Fad Mat Plendl as himself

Is a slinky a fad?

the slinky is not a fad it is a classic toy that is still played with today

What is a fad in a marketing context?

A fad is what is trendy that season and is utilized in the marketing context.

How do you use the word fad in a sentence?

To have me you need to stay fad