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The last time a day game was played in the World Series on a day other than Saturday and Sunday was Game 5 of the 1972 World Series (Cincinnati at Oakland), which was played on a Friday afternoon. The last World Series day game period was game 6 of the 1987 World Series, St. Louis at Minnesota.

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Q: What year was the last time they played a day game for the World Series in the middle of the week?
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What was the first year World Series game played?

The first World Series was played in 1903

Which World Series was played at night?

Game 5 of the 1949 World Series, played at Brooklyn's Ebbets Field, started in the afternoon but ended in enough darkness to necessitate the stadium lights being turned on in the ninth inning. Game 4 of the 1971 Series, played at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, was the first true World Series game night game.

What day was the last game of the World Series played in 1954?

The Last game (4) of the 1954 World Series was played on Saturday, October 2, 1954.

Was a world series game played at night?


When a world series game was played an night?

The time alot

What date did the World Series start in 1991?

Game 1 of the 1991 World Series was played on October 19.

How many games were played in the first world series game?

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When was the last tie in the World Series?

Game two of the 1922 World Series was the last time a World Series game was played to a tie. The game was stopped in the 10th inning because of darkness, with the score Giants 3 Yankees 3.

Which athletes played in the 1979 World Series?

The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Baltimore Orioles played in the 1979 World Series, the Pittsburgh Pirates ended out winning the game.

What state was the first World Series in?

The first World Series game was played in Boston, Massachusetts at the Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds. Game four was played at Exposition Park III in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What is the Result of World series 2009 - game 1?

First game to be played tonight on Fox.

Has the World Series ever ended in August?

No. The earliest the World Series has ended was in 1918 when the final game was played on September 11.