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The last time a day game was played in the World Series on a day other than Saturday and Sunday was Game 5 of the 1972 World Series (Cincinnati at Oakland), which was played on a Friday afternoon. The last World Series day game period was game 6 of the 1987 World Series, St. Louis at Minnesota.

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2005-11-14 11:00:02
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Q: What year was the last time they played a day game for the World Series in the middle of the week?
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Which World Series was played at night?

One game of the 1971 World Series was played at night. It was the 4th game of the series that was played in the night time.

What was the first year World Series game played?

The first World Series was played in 1903

Was a world series game played at night?


What day was the last game of the World Series played in 1954?

The Last game (4) of the 1954 World Series was played on Saturday, October 2, 1954.

Who played in the first indoor World Series game?

first indoor world series game in 1987 when the twins beat the cardinals

Has the Colorado Rockies ever played in a world series game?

In 2007 they played in the world series and lost to the Boston Red Sox

When a world series game was played an night?

The time alot

First game played at night in the World Series?

Game 5 of the 1949 World Series, played at Brooklyn's Ebbets Field, started in the afternoon but ended in enough darkness to necessitate the stadium lights being turned on in the ninth inning. Game 4 of the 1971 Series, played at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, was the first true World Series game night game.

What date did the World Series start in 1991?

Game 1 of the 1991 World Series was played on October 19.

How many games were played in the first world series game?

the world doesn't know

In a World Series do the pitchers bat?

In the World Series the pitchers only bat when the game is played in the National League park. When the game is played in the American League park the Designated Hitter is used.

When was the first game of the 2009 major league baseball World Series?

The first game of the 2009 World Series was played on October 28, at Yankees Stadium.

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