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Q: What year was the first intercollegiate basketball game played?
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What state in England was the first game of soccer played?

the first first intercollegiate soccer game was held in new yersey.

When was the first basketball game in college?

The first known intercollegiate baseball game took place in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, on July 1, 1859.

The first college basketball game?

On February 9, 1895 The first intercollegiate 5-on-5 game was played at Hamline University between Hamline and the School of Agriculture which was affiliated with University of Minnesota. The School of Agriculture won in a 9-3 game.

What was the name of the college when they played their first basketball game?

The game was created at the YMCA Training School in Springfield, MA (now Springfield College). This is a tricky question because numerous schools claim the "first" game played.-first public basketball game was played on March 11, 1892 at the Springfield YMCA Training School between students and faculty, students won 5-1.-first basketball game reported between two colleges was played on February 9th, 1895, when the Minnesota State School of Agriculture (which is now the University of Minnesota, St. Paul campus) beat the Hamline College Porkers by a score of 9 to 3-first recognized intercollegiate game with five players on each team,on January 16th, 1896, University of Chicago defeated University of Iowa 15 to 12-first official intercollegiate game, on December 10th, 1896, Wesleyan University defeated Yale, 4-3

What year was the first organized basketball game played?

The First Game was played in 1891

What was the name of the college when the Duke's played their first basketball game?

If you mean Duke University by "the Dukes," they were known as Trinity College when they first began playing intercollegiate athletics. The school competed as "Trinity" for many years in basketball before changing its name to Duke. If you meant Duquesne University, which calls itself the Dukes, they had already adopted the name Duquesne three years before they first played basketball, in 1914.

What was the name of the college when Duke played their first basketball game?

What was the name of the college when Duke played their first basketball game? Trinity University

Where was the first basketball game?

The first professional Basketball game ever played was in 1896, in Trenton, New Jersey.

Who played the first game of basketball?

the lakers!:)

Where did the first game of soccer take place?

Modern soccer was first codified in England, so it stands to reason that the intercollegiate matches played in England were the first.

In 1891 Where was basketball first played at?

The first basketball game was played on a dirt court w/ a rock a stick and a hoop

When did basketball become a major sport?

on january18,1896 when the first game of basketball was played