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I think the first helmet used in hockey was by a goalie named Jacques Plante. He had to use a mask/helmet for the first time in 1959 because of a broken nose, so then it started becoming more popular in the early 1960's for goalies, before any skater wore a a helmet.

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Q: What year was the first helmet used in hockey?
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The first year hockey was played in the Winter Olympics was 1908.

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Hockey helmets were also not used till the 1970s and were directed by the National Hockey League during 1979-1980.

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1 year old

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Hockey was technically invented first, because 4000 year old carvings in Egypt already depicted people hitting a projectile with sticks. Hope this helps!

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It was built inMontreal Canada. i don't know the year.

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1979 NHL ordered all new players to begin wearing helmets, however prior players who had signed the waiver before this date were allowed to choose. So over the years after 1979 the number of players allowed to NOT wear a helmet decreased due to the older veterans leaving the game. The last person to not wear a helmet in NHL was Craig MacTavish in 1997. He played for the St. Louis Blues.

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not sure what year, but i know the us has not played for a long time

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