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- Depends on how specifically you want your question answered: - The NFL was started in 1920, but 1933 was the first year that the NFL played a championship game in which the Chicago Bears were victorious over the New York Giants. - However, the first SUPERBOWL championship was played in 1966 where the Green Bay Packers (NFL) beat the Kansas City Chiefs (of the AFL - American Football League). - The NFL and AFL merged in 1970 as one league with two conferences and the Baltimore Colts won that match against the Dallas Cowboys.

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Q: What year was the first championship game for the nfl?
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Is there a list of participants in NFL championship games dating back to the first championship game played?

Click on the 'NFL Championship Games' link below to see all participants in the NFL championship game since the first championship game was played in 1933.

What is the date for the 2011 NFL championship game?

what day is the NFL Championship Game

What year did the Colts win their first championship?

The Colts first championship came in the 1958 season when they defeated the New York Giants in overtime, 23-17, in the NFL championship game. The Colts first conference championship was also in 1958.

What is the value of a 1967 sports pin depicting the first world championship game between the AFL and NFL?

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What was The name of the first Super Bowl?


What year was the nfl-afl world championship game change to the super bowl?

The first year the AFL-NFL World Championship Game was called the Super Bowl was in 1969, when the New York Jets defeated the Baltimore Colts 16-7 in Super Bowl III.

When was NFL films first produced?

NFL Films was first produced in 1962. In that year, Ed Sabol, the founder of the company Blair Motion Pictures, won the rights for the NFL Championship Game by bidding $5000.

What is The old name of the Super Bowl?

Today's Superbowl was fomerly known as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game .

What was name of the first Super Bowl?

The AFL-NFL World Championship Game

What is an NFL championship ring?

NFL championship ring is a ring that is awarded to the winners of the league's annual championship game.

How many people attended the first championship game?

There were 61,946 people in attandance at the First World Championship Game AFL vs NFL (also known as Super Bowl I).

What year did the packers play the giants in the nfl championship game in Milwaukee?

An NFL championship game has never been held in Milwaukee proper, however, the 1939 NFL championship game between the Packers and Giants was held at the Wisconsin State Fair Park in the Milwaukee suburb of West Allis. The Packers won, 27-0.