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Q: What year was the first canteen in the world opened?
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What date and year was the first canteen in the world opened?


What year was Walt Disney World opened in Florida?

Opened LaterIt was not opened in 1969. It opened with Magic Kingdom theme park on October 1, 1971.

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Athletes World store first opened in 1978. It was a store opened by Bata footwear empire specifically for athletic shoes. They eventually lost too much money and closed in 2013.

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In 1973 Sea World Orlando was opened to the public. In 1971 Sea World Australia was opened for business. In 1964 Sea World San Deigo was founded by 4 college grad students.

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The first line opened on July 19th, 1900, during the World Fair and the core was completed by the 1920s.

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the year that the first home opened was on the 9th of July 1876

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The first wendy's was opened in...1930

What year Debbie Field opened her first store?

the first year was 1992 antera

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The first Home Depot opened in 1979 in Atlanta, GA .

Walt Disney World park's age?

Walt Disney World first opened in 1971, so at the time I answered this question it is 40 year old.

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