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I dont know try Google, loser

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Q: What year was the first basketball game on tv?
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Who describes a basketball game?

Basketball commentators describe the basketball games on television or radio.

What is the motto of Basketball TV?

The motto of Basketball TV is 'More than a Game'.

What year did the game show The Price Is Right first appears on TV?


What channel is Basketball games in Direct tv cable?

There is a few channels that air basketball games. It all depends on what basketball game you are wanting to watch.

What are the release dates for MatthewDieuAllen TV - 2008 LJ's Basketball Game 5-7?

MatthewDieuAllen TV - 2008 LJ's Basketball Game 5-7 was released on: USA: 2013

When was the first televised professional basketball game?

A basketball game is broadcast for the first timeDate: February 28, 1940Place: Madison Square GardenThe story behind the event: Fordham University played the University of Pittsburgh in the first game of a double header as Pitt won 50-37. W2XBS showed the game in New York City. Today, basketball on TV has become so popular that there's an entire network devoted to it, NBATV. By the way, only one camera was used in the first televised game in the history of basketball.information:

What year did the game the Price is right first appear on TV?

1956 with Bill Cullen

What channel is Basketball games in Direct tv cable-?

Backetball games come on a few different channels on Direct TV cable. It all depends on which basketball game you are wanting to watch.

In what year did the Newlywed Game tv show first air?

The television game-show series "The Newlywed Game" originally aired in 1964. The long-running game-show series was hosted by Bob Eubanks, and ran until 1974.

Who was the first player to shatter a glass backboard with a dunk in the NCAA?

Before Chuck Connors made his mark as "The Rifleman" on television, he already played a starring role on the basketball court. Before the first home game of the Boston Celtics, Connors makes history: He is the first player to shatter a backboard in the NBA (though it was called the Basketball Association of American until 1949).

What game did Nintendo come out with first?

The first game for the Nintendo was Color TV Game in 1977.

Yu-gi-oh card game came out in what year?

The first manga came out in 1996, the tv series came out in 1998 and the card game itself came out in 1999.

What year did Nintendo come out and what was there first game?

Nintendo was founded in 1889 as a playing card company, producing hand-made Hanafuda cards (they are similar to today's poker-style playing cards, but with 12 "suits" for each month of the year, consisting of 4 cards). They released their first video game, called Color TV Game, in 1977. There were 4 different Color TV Game consoles released, with each one capable of playing a number of variations of a single game.

What was the first television game show in the US?

The very first television game show was Spelling Bee in 1938. Truth or Consequences was the first game show on national television in 1941.

What channel is college sports south on direct tv?

memphis state basketball game tonight what channel and time

How long is a college basketball game on TV?

College games are usually around 2 hours, including team and TV times out plus halftime. The length of the game is extended if the teams go into overtime.

Why is basketball is so famous?

Basketball is so famous because you can play it in urban and rural areas with few people and still have loads of fun. People like to watch basketball on tv because it is a fast pace game that barely ever slows down.

Where is a good place to view current basketball scores?

Good places to view the current basketball scores are the Sports Network (ESPN), NBC or CBS Sports, by watching a basketball game on television where they will show the up to date scores of other teams that are playing.

What was the first game show on tv?

The first game show on television was the Truth or Consequences special that aired on July 1, 1941

Which year did the first home video games appear?

In 1972, Magnavox's Odyssey was released to the public as the first home video game system. Ralph Baer and his team originally developed two interactive TV games which relied on a toy gun detecting light spots on a television in 1967. Magnavox licensed Baer's TV game.

What year did the first TV come out in Australia?

The TV first came out in Australia in the same year as the first Australian TV broadcast was made - 1956.

What year was TV first transmitted?

The year when Television was first transmitted was on 1927. It transmits the first all-electronic television image by Philo Farmsworth.

In what year was the first television sold to the American public?

1928 was the first year tv was sold to to the public

In what year was the first LCD TV created?

The first year that the first LCD TV was created was in the year of 1983, when it was first made, it wasn't as fancy as today's models. They were quite small and not very popular.

When was Basketball TV created?

Basketball TV was created in 2006.