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Good evening, Best info I could find was that Baseball gloves arrived on the scene in or around 1875. Gloves were first made for catchers, but other players came around to idea of having a little hand protection as well. When I say "a little hand protection", I mean just a little, as the earliest examples of gloves looked much like a fingerless leather work glove, such as what might have been used by railroad workers and such, imagine an early version of a fingerless Weightlifting glove, and that's much what they looked like. Oddly enough, though the acceptance of hand protection was slowly catching on, it didn't catch on very quickly, as some players thought those who used the gloves were soft or somehow sissified (at least until the day came when they had to make a barehanded catch of an especially hard hit ball I'd bet). It wasn't until the early 1900's that gloves got the fingers back, but the design was clumsy and said to resemble an oven mitt. By the 1920's the lace appeared on gloves, stitched in between the thumb and index finger, pocketed gloves such as what we're accustomed to seeing today, didn't appear until the late 1940's or 1950's. Modern technology rules the game today, with many variations available on those old ideas of necessity as they evolved over time. Thanks for the good question, it was fun having a chance to take a look around for answers, and for me to have a chance to learn some good new info too, about the game of baseball which I love so much. If you'd like to read the sources where I got the information directly, here's the links (some have pictures to show you what I was trying to describe). Those shop sites that carry reproduction vintage model baseball gloves were added just so you'd have a few examples, and could see which baseball greats of yesteryear used which particular models. I have no affiliation with those shop sites, nor can I vouch for their manner of doing business. Thought I'd mention that so people don't think I'm spamming or somethin'. Hope this helps, Have a good day, and best wishes to you if you're still lucky enough to be able to get out there and play baseball from time to time, oh how I sure miss those days. All the best, GC Click on the 'History of the Baseball Glove' link on this page to read a brief history.

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Q: What year was the baseball glove invented?
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