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1873, a development on hitting the ball with your hand

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Q: What year was tennis ball game made in?
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What year was the first tennis for two video game made?

1958 was the year

Which Nintendo game console was Mario Power Tennis made for?

The Nintendo game Mario Power Tennis was made for the Nintendo game console. The game was released in the year 2000. The game was created by Camelot and Nintendo.

If you saved all the skin you shed in one year would it weigh as much as a tennis ball or a baseball or a basketball?

Tennis ball

How was the tennis racket invented?

French MonksFrench monks in the 12th century are normally credited with creating the sport we recognize today as tennis. The original game was played by batting the ball with either bare hands, gloved hands with webbing or small paddles.Wooden RacketA wooden racket, with strings made from sheep intestines, was introduced to the game of tennis around the year 1500.

What year did king henry 5th invent the first tennis ball?

He didn't.

Does the age of a tennis ball affect its bounce?

Question: Does the age of a tennis ball affect its bounce? Answer: The age of a tennis ball does not necessarily effect its bounce. A new tennis ball in a pressurized container will remain in a relatively new state and have the same approximate bounce for as long as the pressure inside the container remains constant; this is true whether the tennis balls were made a week ago or a year ago. What will effect the bounce of a tennis ball is prolonged crushing, excessive striking, or anything else which results in a pressure decrease on the inside of the tennis ball. A new can of tennis ball should be squeezed to test the pressure inside the container. An unopened can of tennis ball which is easily squeezed will contain tennis balls with reduced pressure; of course, this will depend upon how long ago the pressure in the container has been reduced. A tennis ball has a fuzzy outer layer. Anything which causes this fuzzy layer to change can effect the bounce of the tennis ball. Normal tennis play causes a thinning of the fuzz on the outer surface of a tennis ball. The fuzzy layer can absorb water, mud, and other foreign materials or substances which act to increase the weight of the ball and effect its bounce. Randy Lynn Rutledge - author of Fix Your Tennis

When was the first tennis racket made?

the year 1234

How many tennis ball were used at Wimbledon tennis championship last year?

52,200 balls were provided by Slazenger; 20,000 of them were used in qualifying.

What year was Dragon Ball gt made?


What year was the twine ball first made?


How many tennis balls are made wide world?

There are about 300 million tennis balls manufactured in the world each year. Tennis balls are not usually recycled and the rubber they are made from doesn't break down easily.

What year was tennis shoes made?

tennis shoes were first introduced in the 1800's and were very basic rubber soled shoes.

What year was video games invented?

Video games where invented in the year 1958 when the game Tennis For Two was created, arguably the first ever video game.

What year did MrStoeber start making the twine ball?

Mr.Stoeber made the twine ball in 1953.

What year was the first game of tennis played?

The idea of tennis was founded in the 12th century in which the players used hands instead of rackets. During the 16th century tennis players began using rackets.

What year was the first Fushigi ball discovered?

It was never "discovered' it was made. It was made in 2010.

What year was the Ebonite nitro bowling ball?

It was made 1990 and was dark blue! Great urethane ball!

How much does a US Open tennis ball boy make?

Well, a first year ball boy makes the minimum 7.75 an hour. Then, after you complete a year of ballboying, you make 9.75 an hour. BTW, I am a US Open ballboy.

What year did the Goo Goo Dolls record Take you Out to the Ball Game?


Will there be a Dragon Ball Z game where you can fuse with anyone?

Yes. But in the year to come.

Do donuts eat tennis balls?

Yes, as a matter of fact donuts eat an average of 10,000 tennis balls per year. So tennis balls are the prey of donuts. Tennis balls are now extinct and are only made in factories.

When was tennis first played in Australia?

who frist played tennis? What year did tennis start?

What is the average tennis serve speed for a fifteen year old man?

The average tennis serve speed for a fifteen year old man would vary according to his skill and size. On average, a man serves a tennis ball at about 60 to 90 miles per hour depending on skill level.

What is the best quality table tennis ball?

The Nittaku 3 star ball was generally considered the best ball in the world until ball size increased in the year 2001. Since then quality of balls has been generally lower. Nittaku Butterfly and Stiga 3 star balls all have good repuations. Over 2/3rds of the worlds table tennis balls are made in the DHS factory in China and DHS 3 star balls are also high quality. Slazenger.

Two days a year that no pro ball game is played?

The day before and the day after the MLB allstar game.