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Bethany hamilton- it is an autobiography <--------- Cool Story Bro

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"Soul Surfer" was published in 2004. The book, written by Bethany Hamilton, tells the story of her experience as a professional surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack.

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Q: What year was soul surfer published?
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When was soul surfer published?

Soul Surfer was released in mid-2004, nearly one year after the attack

When was Bethany Hamilton first published work?

Her novel "Soul Surfer" was released in 2004

Where was soul surfer published?

&quot;Soul Surfer&quot; was written by Bethany Hamilton and published by Pocket Books in the United States.

How many stars did soul surfer get?

Soul Surfer got 5 stars the story was inspired about a 13 year old girl that lost her arm in a shark attack

Is soul surfer on Netflix?

yes the movie Soul Surfer is on Netflix

Is soul surfer a novel?

Yes, Soul Surfer is Bethany Hamilton's autobiography.

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How much money did Soul Surfer gross domestically?

Soul Surfer grossed $43,853,424 in the domestic market.

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Will there be a soul surfer 2?

Yes. There is going to be a Soul Surfer 2. In 2014. Just heard it from Bethany Hamilton herself.

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