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1998 Games in Nagano.

Events were held in halfpipe (men and women) and giant slalom (men and women).

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Q: What year was snowboarding added to the winter Olympics?
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What year did the winter Olympics get added to the games?


Is snowboard freestyle an Olympic sport?

Freestyle snowboarding is an Olympic sport. Snowboarding is only in the winter Olympics, which run every 4 years, the last year the Olympics ran was 2012.

Who is the 17 year-old snowboarding phenomenon expected to win Gold at the winter Olympics?

Red Gerard

Who is the Olympics?

Olympics is not a person , it is an event held every 2 years in different countries in Olympics there are games like for winter there is skiing, skating , snowboarding and summer is swimming, gymnastics also one year its summer and the year after the year after that its in winter

Where were the winter Olympics in 2000?

There were no winter Olympics that year.

What year were the Winter Olympics in Vancouver?

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver were in 2010.

Why wasn't there a winter Olympics in 1996?

Wrong year for Winter Olympics.

Is it the summer or winter Olympics this year 2011?

The summer and winter Olympics is in 2012, next year.

When were the summer and winter Olympics separated?

1992 was the final year the Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics were held in the same year.

Where will the winter Olympics be held this year and when does it start?

The winter Olympics will be in Vancouver in 2010.

What Olympic year was the winter Olympics?

the first winter Olympics were in Chamonix France.

Where are the 2016 winter Olympics going to be held?

There will not be a Winter Olympics in the year 2016.

In which year was snowboarding first contested at a Winter Olympic Games?

In 1998

Where was the 1996 winter Olympics?

There was not a 1996 winter Olympics. There was a winter Olympics in 1992 and then another one in 1994 to make it so that the winter and summer Olympics were not in the same year.

Are the winter Olympics held every winter?

The Winter Olympics are held every fourth year, two years after the Summer Olympics.

When was the first year for the Modern Winter Olympics?

the first winter Olympics were held on 1924 the first winter Olympics were in 1924 in chamonix,France

How many countries participate in the winter Olympics?

It depends on what year of the Winter Olympics. In 2014, 88 nations participated in the Winter Olympics. In 2010, 82 nations participated in the Winter Olympics.

What are the two types of Olympics of these year?

summer and winter Olympics

What year were the Olympics held in Lillehammer?

1994 Winter Olympics.

Where are the 2010 Olympics located?

The WINTER Olympics this year are in Vancouver.

Where will 2009 winter Olympics be held?

The year 2009 will not have Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics. The Olympics only occur once every 2 years, and alternates Summer, Winter, Summer, Winter...

Where is this years winter Olympics and the date?

it is in london um im not sure what the date is though There is no Winter Olympics this year. The next Winter Olympics will be in 2014.

Was there a 1974 Olympics?

Absolutely No!The Winter Olympics Never Performed at the same year with Summer Olympics since Albertville 1992 Winter Olympics (that succeeded by Lillehammer due 1994 Winter Olympics).

In what year did the winter Olympics first start?

The first Winter Olympic games were held in 1924, in Chamonix, France1924The first year of the winter Olympics was in 1920.

When was the Winter Olympics last hosted?

The winter Olympics were last hosted in Turin, Italy, in 2006. Unless you count the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver this year!