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You will see people selling Ping Putters and sometimes irons and identifying the entire zip code or the last three digits. The zip codes help to identify a time period that the club was manufactured/introduced. Below is a listing of the location, zip code, and time period that clubs were produced.

The Scottsdale AZ address with 85282 zip code was from 1961-1966.

The Phoenix AZ address with 85029 zip code from mid-1966 through 1967.

The Phoenix AZ address with 85020 zip code from 1968-1973.

The Phoenix AZ address with 85068 zip code from 1973 to 2000.

The Phoenix AZ address with 85029 zip code (again) from 2000 to present-day. (The 85029 zip code is the zip code for the physical street address of Ping Headquarters, which it has been at since mid-1966)

All the other zip codes were for P.O. Box addresses

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That is not a serial number, it is the zip code of Phoenix, AZ where Ping in located.

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the y blade was made in 1968 according to Gary at ping who i spoke to.

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Q: What year was ping o-blade putter 85029 made?
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A Ping oblade putter stamped with the number 85029 made by karsten mfg corp. was a family owned manufacturer. The company made clubs, bags and other kinds of gear pricing are different depending on what you get like the club it usually sells around forty dollars.

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Ping never stopped making the 1A model. You can still order them today from any authorized Ping dealer.

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What is the year the ping putter 1A 85068 was made?

1959 is the answer. I quote from the WEB-Site (Karsten Solheim invents the PING putter in his Redwood City, California garage. he names his putter "PING" because of the sound it makes upon contact with a golf ball. Two years later, he moves his family to Phoenix and continues his quest to improve golf club design.) Putters from PING don't "Ping" anymore. There are still 1A putters for sale. The new ones are not made of copper as was the original.

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