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1995 I agree with the answer above, but it was actually 1995 for the bowl season only and 1996 for the entire season.

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Q: What year was overtime introduced into Division 1 college football?
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Does division 1 college football have overtime?

No college football changed the overtime rule in 1000 b.c you just won twenty dollars

Who won the first overtime game in college football?

Overtime was introduced to college football in the 1996 season. The first college football game to end based on the new overtime rules was a contest between Missouri State(then SW Missouri State) and Oklahoma State in Stillwell, OK on August 31, 1996

How long is overtime in college football?

The average overtime game is 15 minutes long

What can adding a football team do for a division 3 college?

it can give a college a division 3 football team

What is the longest overtime in college football history?

The record is 7.

What division is assumption college football?

Assumption College plays Division II football in the Northeast-10 conference.

How many overtime periods can there be in college football?

5 overtimesUntil there is a winner.

Which Division 1A college football team won the first regular season overtime game?

University of Oregon. 8/31/96 vs. Fresno State

Is there a Division 3 college football signing day?

There is no signing day in division 3 football.

When do the college football playoffs start?

Wow really college football playoffs? They don't have playoffs in college football. In division 2 and 3 they have it but not in a major college football.

What happens if there is no winner after 5 overtimes in college football?

Then they play a sixth overtime.

What division is albright for college football?

Albright plays Division 3 football in the Middle Atlantic Conference.

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