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It was 1898!!! There is more info on cheerleading such as who invented at

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Q: What year was cheerleading discovered?
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When was cheerleading discovered?


What year was cheerleading began?


What year was cheerleading started?


What year did johnny Campbell invent cheerleading?

the year of 1898

Was cheerleading invented in year 1898 or was it invented in the years of 1860?

Cheerleading was invented in 1898 by Johnny Campbell.

When is cheerleading season?

For my cheerleading squad, cheer season never ends. Cheering is a year round sport

What is the year cheerleading was invented?

the year that cheerleading was invented was the year 1898 when johnny Campbell had got together 6 male students and cheered for the first time at univirsity minnesota

What seasons is cheerleading in?

School cheerleading, I'm not too sure about. All Star cheerleading is year round and competitions are in late fall, winter, and spring.

Where do they use cheerleading?

: cheerleading can be used for football and basketball games. but it can also be all-star cheerleading. all-star cheerleading is cheerleading that you compete against all squads and it is all year round. there are like 20 compeitions that you attend each season. you can go check out my all-star cheerleading team at :

What year was cheerleading first played?

Well, idk what year cheerleading was first started. Cheer isn't played and we're not players. We're called cheerleaders.

In what year was the sport cheerleading invented?

1898 1898

What year did cheerleading start?

November 2, 1898

How many people die in cheerleading each year?

5-15 people die each year because of cheerleading. It's even illegal in some parts of the world.

How many people join cheerleading a year?

In America, over 90 thousand a year.

Does Ole Miss cheerleading team compete?

Yes, they compete at the Universal Cheerleading Association College Nationals each year in Orlando, Florida.

How much does a cheerleading coach get paid?

about 6000-10000 a year

Are UCA high school cheerleading nationals on ESPN this year?


Cheerleading was discovered on what date?

I don't know look it up. No I'm kidding it was invented in 1898 who dose not know that.

Is cheering seasonal?

School Cheerleading follows the season of the sports. All-Star cheerleading Goes all year with a beak for a month or two in the summer.

Is cheerleading and basketball in the same season?

cheerleading is usually an all year thing and basketball is usually from early november to february or march depending on games.

In what year did cheeerleading officially become a sport according to the National Federation of Cheerleading?

Cheerleading has not officially become a sport yet. But we are trying to get it to the Olympics so it becomes knowen as a sport this competion started this year called ICU where olympic officials came and saw what cheerleading was all about.

What year did Alabama win a national title in cheerleading?

They just won a national title this year.

Is cheerleading one word or two?

Cheerleading, one word.

Can you cheer all year around inside and outside?

If you do All-Star cheerleading you can cheer all year

How many cheerleaders are on the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading team?

The number varies from year to year. 15-30