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The story that a Civil War general invented Baseball in the town of Cooperstown in 1839 is an obvious falsehood, and based entirely on the "recollection" of Abner Graves -- a man who was five years old in 1839, and died in an insane asylum. That general was, indeed, from Cooperstown, but in 1839 he was a student at West Point, a military academy from which leaves were very difficult to obtain. His known writings are voluminous but never mention baseball, and the general's closest friend never recalled any mention in decades of conversation.

Thus, baseball was not invented in a specific year, like Basketball or volleyball; but instead developed over many years from the games of rounders and town ball.

In 1845 Alexander Cartwright first wrote down a set of rules for what was called the "New York Game," and from this the game we now know as baseball evolved over a few decades.

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Q: What year was baseball invented?
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