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Q: What year was babe Ruth in malone n y?
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What is the value of 1952 Topps Look N See 15 Babe Ruth EX?

about 200-300

Babe Ruth 1920what did he do in1920?

Red Sox did not to win another World Series Championship until 2004

Was Babe Ruth the first African American to play in the mlb?

Probably not. Ruth's mother was of German descent. I don't know the descent of his father but census records show Ruth's great grandfather was born in Pennsylvania and it is thought his father's side was also German, or Pennsylvania Dutch. Ruth was said to have spoken and understoodGerman well. During his career Ruth was called many derogatory names, and very often was called the 'N' word. Legend has it that one of his nicknames at the school/orphanage he grew up in included the 'N' word.

Why did they call Babe Ruth the King of Rock and Roll?

"The King Of Swing"One of the many nicknames Babe Ruth had was the "The King Of Swing" Swing as in swinging a Bat not "Swing" as in music. He was never called the King of Rock and Roll. The King of Rock-n-Roll would be Elvis Presley.

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Was Babe Ruth the first African American to hit a home run?

If you mean in major league baseball, that would be Jackie Robinson, who hit 12 homers in his rookie season of 1947. Moses Fleetwood Walker was the first African-American to play on a major league team, but he hit no home runs during his 42 games in 1884. Babe Ruth had some facial characteristics of people of African background, and was villified as a n----- by some of his opponents, explicitly by Ty Cobb. Any degree of African heritage would be impossible to prove without DNA testing, and would almost certainly be so small as to hardly qualify Ruth as an African-American.

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