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in 2008

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โˆ™ 2011-03-23 16:43:58
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Q: What year was Super Bowl XLII?
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When did Super Bowl XLII happen?

Super Bowl XLII happened in 2007.

Who was the mvp of Super Bowl xlii?

Eli Manning was named the MVP of Super Bowl XLII.

Which was the better football game 2007 tostitos Fiesta Bowl or super bowl xlii?

Super bowl xlii

Super Bowl C?

only XLII superbowl's have been played super bowl C is superbowl 100!!!!! and superbowl XLII means 42!!!!! which the gaints won last year (2008 super bowl)

Who lost last year's Super Bowl?

As of 2009, last year's Super Bowl was XLII, which was lost by the New England Patriots.

What is the super bowl number for 2018?

Super Bowl XLII.

Who was the Super Bowl MVP this year?

The MVP of the most recent Super Bowl, Super Bowl XLII, was QB Eli Manning of the New York Giants.

Has Randy Moss won a Super Bowl?

no he has not won a super bowl his first super bowl was super bowl XLII

What time will the gates open for Super Bowl XLII?

Super Bowl XLII has already occurred. Super Bowl XLII happened on February 3, 2008 between the New England Patriots and New York Giants.

Who won Super Bowl XLII?

The New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots, 17-14, to win Super Bowl XLII. Click on the 'Super Bowl XLII' link below to read about the game.

What channel will broadcast Super Bowl XLII?

Super Bowl XLII was broadcast on FOX on February 3, 2008. That year, the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots, 17-14.

How many Super Bowl rings does the Manning Family have?

Through Super Bowl XLII, the Manning family has two Super Bowl rings. Peyton won one in Super Bowl XLI and Eli won one in Super Bowl XLII.

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