What year was Leeds United FC founded?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Leeds United Association Football Club, commonly referred to as simply Leeds United or informally Leeds, where founded in the year 1919.

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Q: What year was Leeds United FC founded?
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Where can a person find the latest news about Leeds United FC?

There are many websites where someone can get the latest news about Leeds United Fc. Examples include Leeds United, WAFLL, MOT Forum, BBC Sports and Sky Sports.

Who will win the FA cup?

Leeds United FC

What year was man united FC founded?

Manchester United was founded in 1878 (as Newton Heath). They were officially named Manchester United in 1902

What football teams nickname is the peacocks?

Leeds United FC

Who does Lewis hamilton support in football?

leeds united fc

What team won the League Cup in 1972?

Newcastle United FC won the FA Cup in the 1951-52 season, with a 1-0 victory over the previous year's winners Arsenal FC.

What year was the Boston United Football Club founded?

The Boston United Football Club was founded in the year of 1933, by supporters of Boston Football Club (Boston FC), after the latter company has liquidated.

What year was the Chealsea FC founded?

Chelsea FC was founded in March 10, 1905. It is an English football team. The current manager is Jose Mourinho, and the team is located in Fulham, London, United Kingdom.

Who won the fa cup final 1970?

Chelsea 2 Leeds United 2 (Extra time played) Replay Chelsea 2 Leeds United 1 (Extra time played) Chelsea 4 Leeds 3

Which premier league football team was founded as St Domingo FC in 1878?

St Domingo FC was founded in 1878 and renamed to Everton FC the following year.

Where is the Chelmsford City FC News located?

The Chelmsford City FC News is located in the city of Essex, England in the United Kingdom. The Chelmsford City Football Club was founded in the year 1938.

Who has the biggest fan base leeds fc or everton fc?