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Q: What year was Dwight Howard drafted in?
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What year was Dwight Howard drafted?


Who was drafted number one in 2004 by Orlando Magic?

Dwight Howard

Did Dwight Howard play for the Boston celtics?

No, Howard was drafted by the Orlando Magic in 2004, and he has played his entire career with the team.

How old was Dwight Howard in his rookie year?

Dwight was 19

How old was Dwight Howard when he became famous?

He became famous when he was drafted by the NBA in 2004, after he finished high school.

What year did Dwight Howard enter NBA?


What is Dwight Howard jersey number?

Dwight Howard is #12

When is Dwight Howards birthday?

Dwight Howard was born on December 8, 1985

Is Dwight Howard alive?

Of course he is he played in the playoffs this year

Who is better Dwight howard or yao ming?

Dwight howard

Who is better Dwight howard or Chris Paul?

Dwight Howard

What is Dwight Howard's full name?

Dwight David Howard