What year was Detroit founded?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The Detroit Pistons are a franchise of the National Basketball Association and they were founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the year 1941. The Pistons moved to Detroit in the year 1957.

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1957. we are celebrating 50 seasons right now. 1957-58 2007-08

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Q: What year was Detroit founded?
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When was Detroit founded?

When was the city of Detroit in Michigan founded ?

When were the Detroit lions founded in?

The Detroit Lions were founded in 1930. The first name of the team was the Portsmouth Spartans. They moved to Detroit in 1935, and the team was renamed the Detroit Lions.

where was Detroit founded?

In Michigan

When was the Tigers founded?

If you mean the Detroit Tigers, they were founded in 1894.

When Where the Detroit Lions founded?

The lions were founded in 1930 in Portsmouth, Ohio

Where was insane clown posse founded?

I believe they were founded in Detroit, Michigan.

When was the Detroit Lubricator Company founded?

Founded in 1879 by Henry Clay Hodges and his brother Charles C. Clay, in Detroit of course...

Who founded Detroit Michigan?

Antoine Laumet de Lamothe Cadillac

Where was music founded?

Detroit in a residential neighborhood.

When were the Detroit Red Wings founded?

The Lions were originally the Portsmouth, Ohio Spartans, founded in 1929. The Spartans joined the NFL in 1930 and moved to Detroit in 1934, becoming the Lions.

What year were square D breakers first made?

Square D was founded in 1903 and was called Detroit Fuse and Manufacturing. They made breakers that very first year.

Where was Chrysler founded?

in detroit watch and see the commercials