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Q: What year was Apolo Anton Onoh born?
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How does Apolo Anton Ohno feel going into this year's Olympics?

Apolo Anton Ohno feels very proud of himself going into this year's Olympics.

Apolo Anton Ohno what year did they compete in the olymoics?

2002, 2006 and 2010

Is apolo Anton ohno a millionaire?

Apolo Ohno is not a millionaire but he is very rich and famous. He makes about 7.5 thousand dollars a year! Close to a millionaire but not quite there. Apolo Ohno also won dancing with the stars.

What is apolo Anton ohno's education background?

Apolo Ohno completed Junior High School in Federal Way, Washington. Graduating from Decatur High School in the year 2000 He has an ongoing educational backround in Business from the University of Colorado.

Prime Minister of Uganda in the year 2009?

Apolo Nsibambi

In what year did Apolo Ohno compete in his first Olympics?

American born speed skater, Apolo Ohno competed in his first Olympics in 2002 in Salt Lake City. He won one gold and one silver. He has won eight medals throughout his Olympic career.

What year did Apolo Ohno go to his first Olympics?

2002 in salt lake city, ut...usa

What year did Anton leeuenhoek invent the microscope?


What year was Anton an leeuwenhoek's microscope invented?


What year did Anton von Leeuwenhoek invent the microscope?


What year did Anton von Leeunhoek invent the microscope?

IN 1675

What year was Anton lavey born?

He was born on the 11th of April 1930 and he died on the 29th of October 1997. Wrong, he is still alive. I know his son Jess Lavey via my pastor who was present in Jess's home when Anton rung and spoke to Jess. Anto lives in Germany and is a tax exile.

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