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Q: What year in the Olympic games did badminton become a medal sport?
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When was Badminton first included in the Modern Olympic Games?

Badminton first appeared as a non-medal sport at the 1972 Games in Munich. It was not played again for 20 years until, at the 1992 Games in Barcelona, badminton debuted as a medal sport and has been included in Olympic sport ever since.

At which Olympic game was the badminton competition awarded full medal status?

That was the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona.

At which Olympic Games were both singles and doubles badminton comepetitions awarded full medal status?

1992 Summer Games in Barcelona.

What is the official sport of Indonesia?

Badminton is the official sport of Indonesia. Indonesia has won a Gold medal since the sport was first introduced in the Olympic Games.

Is badminton an Olympic sport?

Yes. Badminton debuted as a demonstration sport in 1972, was a demonstration sport again in 1988 and became a medal sport in 1992.

First Indian to win olympic medal?

who is the first indian to win an individual medal in Olympic games

What do you get if you win in the olympic games?

A gold medal

Who won the gold medal for Alpinism at the 1924 Olympic Games?

Great Britain won the gold medal for Alpinism at the 1914 Olympic games.

Olympic Medal winners of Madagascar?

As of the 2008 Games in Beijing, no athlete from Madagascar has ever won an Olympic medal.

Where is a list of words related to olympic games?


What do the winners receive in the modern olympic games?

In modern Olympics games the got a gold medal, sliver medal and a bronze medal.

Who lit the Olympic flame at the Sydney Olympics?

Cathy Freeman, who won a gold medal in the women's 400 meter run at these Games to become the first Australian aboriginal to win an individual Olympic gold medal.

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