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The entire season wasn't cancelled but the season was 1994. The strike started on August 12, 1994 and ended April 2, 1995.

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Q: What year in the 1990's was baseballs season cancelled because of a strike?
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What was the year the World Series was cancelled due to a players strike?

The player's strike cancelled the World Series for the 1994 season.

Is pocoyo cancelled?

Because of the writer's strike

When was Pushing Daisies cancelled?

yes. Pushing daisies was cancelled because low ratings after the writers strike

Is Gray's Anatomy cancelled?

No it is not, but because of the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike only 11 out of the 23 originally planed number of shows have been aired. So season 4 will continue when the strike ends. = =

When was Mardi Gras cancelled?

Mardi was cancelled in 1979 during the N.O. Police Strike.

When was the TV show 'Journeyman' canceled?

Yes, it has been cancelled because of the writers' strike. Some shows were saved and some cancelled, land Journeyman was one of the shows cancelled. Yes, Journeyman has been cancelled from NBC Television.

Did Fox Show BONES Get Cancelled and if so was it because of the Writer Guild Of America Strike?

No, the series has been renewed for 2009/10 slot with fox, there is no record of the show being cancelled

What was the year the Series was cancelled due to a players strike?

In 1994.

Why was the TV show Journeyman cancelled after only 13 episodes?

Possibly because that was when the writers were on strike and it was one of the few chosen to be discontinued as a result.

What is the phrasal verb for the word cancelled?

Perhaps "strike out" or "mark off". ("He cancelled the name from his list" means that he struck it out or marked it off.)

When will season 2 of heroes continue?

Well, the only reason why they haven't continued the season is because they lack writers for the show due to the mass writer's strike that is going on. The show will be back as soon as the strike is resolved.

How many Super Bowls did the Redskins win in strike years?

The Redskins won Super Bowls in two strike years. In 1982, the players went on strike and seven games were cancelled. The Redskins wound up the regular season at 8-1 and defeated the Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII 27-17. In 1987, the players went on strike and one game was cancelled and three other games were played with replacement players. The Redskins wound up the regular season with an 11-4 record and defeated the Broncos in Super Bowl XXII 42-10.