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Q: What year do you graduate from high school if you are in eighth grade now?
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Do you graduate or promote from eighth grade?

You graduate from eighth grade, then go to high school.

What is 8th grade promotion?

8th grade promotion is a ceremony or event held at the end of the school year to celebrate and acknowledge students moving from 8th grade to high school. It marks the transition from middle school to secondary education. Students often receive certificates or awards during the promotion ceremony.

What is the complete subject for the sentence Eighth-grade students at Westside High School will go to Warren High school next year?

The complete subject is: "Eighth-grade students at Westside High School."

Where did Barack Obama graduate eighth grade from?

Obama went to the prestigious (and expensive) Punahou Academy in Honolulu, Hawaii from 1971 until 1979 -- from 5th grade through high school.

How do you get to high school?

You Graduate from 8th grade.

What year are you if you are in eighth grade?

Most eighth graders are 13 or 14 years old. Eighth grade is usually the last year of middle school or junior high school.

Do you graduate in 11th grade?

Yes, 11th grade is part of high school. It is the second to last year of high school.

What is the exact meaning of graduate or graduation level?

DID YOU GRADUATE TO THE NEXT LEVEL OR CLASS AND OR GRADE? finish all schools grade school jr. high and high school . college and or tech. school etc.

Born in 2001 what year do you graduate high school?

if you are in fifth grade then you would graduate in 2018

What year do you graduate form high school if you are in 8th grade now?


What year will your 8 year old graduate high school?

in 10 years you should graduate if you are in the right grade and didnt fail or get held back!

When you finish your eighth grade school Year do you become a freshmen then or when your ninth grade year starts?

If your ninth grade is in high school, then you are a freshman. Otherwise, you're a ninth-grader.