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They won it in 1996, in Atlanta.

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Q: What year did the us women's gymnastics team win gold?
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What year did the US women's gymnastics team take home the team gold?

1996 in Atlanta

What year did Kerri Strug win a gold medal?

Kerri Strug won gold in women's team competition (gymnastics) at the 1996 Games in Atlant

Who won olympic gold medals for the United States in gymnastics?

Which year?

What year did shannon miller win a gold medal in gymnastics?

1996 - at the Olympics on balance beam

Who is Bart connor?

Bart Conner is an American gymnast. He won a gold medal in the 1984 Olympics for the parallel bars and was part of the men's gold medal-winning Olympic gymnastics team that same year. He is married to fellow Olympic gymnast Nadia Comaneci from Romania.

Is a 12 year old in level 4 in gymnastics too old?

no, because my best friend is on level 4 gymnastics. and she is the best person on our team. and the best friend you could ever have!

In what year did Rhythmic Gymnastics become recognized as an official sport?

The International Gymnastics Federation first accepted rythmic gymnastics as a sport in 1962. In 1963 it had its first world championships. In 1984 it was in the Olympics as an individual sport and in 1996 as a team sport.

How many gold medals did team GB win at 2012 olympic games?

team GB won 29 gold meals this year!

Who was the youngest participant in the Olympics?

this would depend on which game and year for instance, Nadia Commanic was the youngest in 1976, she won gold in gymnastics.

What year did the mens hockey team win the gold medal?


What year did the dream team win gold medal for the Olympics?


What was the last year Canada hockey team won gold?

kutta year at dhunga colony

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