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Moved to Oklahoma City in 2008, but were known as the Seattle Supersonics for over 30 years before that (including a championship in 1979).

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Q: What year did the thunder enter the NBA?
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What year did the Atlanta Hawks enter the NBA?

The Atlanta Hawks enter to the NBA was in 1949

Who will win the nba championshipthis year?

Thunder ftw!!

What year did the Seattle Supersonics enter the NBA?

They entered the NBA in 1967.

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He left after his Junior year.

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via the draft 96 players enter the nba, but players can come to the nba undrafted. There is no limit on how many players can join in one year.

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How long has the Oklahoma thunder been in the NBA?

The Thunder have been in the NBA for 2 years. Before, they were known as the Seattle Supersonics from1967-2008

How many times did the Oklahoma thunder win the nba championship?

Technically the Thunder have never won an NBA championship, but in 1979 they won a championship as the Seattle Supersonics.

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