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1988 in Calgary Canada

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Q: What year did the sport Curling make its Olympic debut?
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When did the sport of bobsled make its Olympic debut?

The Jamaican national bobsled team made their debut in the 1988 Winter Olympics. The women's two-woman bobsleigh made their debut at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Where did snowboarding make its Olympic debut?

Nagano, Japan

Will the women's boxing make it's Olympic debut?


What year did the olympic flag make its debut?

whats up

Did women's boxing make its debut in the 2012 Olympic games?

yes it did

When did Taekwondo make it to the Olympic games?

1988 - Taekwondo Olympic debut as a demonstration sport, Seoul, South Korea 1992 - Taekwondo was again a demonstration sport, Barcelona, Spain 1996 - Taekwondo held status of an Exhibition sport, Atlanta, Georgia, USA 2000 - First time Taekwondo was a Full Medal sport, Sydney, Australia

Will women's boxing debut make its debut in the London 2012 Olympic games?

There were 3 Women's Boxing Events for the 2012 Olympics

Did women's boxing make its Olympic debut at the London Olympic Games?

Yes with 3 events for the different weight classes

Between what weights is an Olympic curling stones?

Although the curlers make it look effortless, the curling stones must weigh between 38 to 44 pounds.

What year did the Olympics flag make its debut?

It was first flown in the 1920 Olympic games

What three sports will make there debut at the 2000 summer Olympic games?

The three sports that made there debut at the 2000 Sydney Olympics are:Taekwondo, Triathlon and Trampolining.

In which Winter Olympic games did ice dancing make its debut for the first time?

The 2014 Winter Olympics were the games that ice dancing made its debut for the first time.

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