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Q: What year did the sixty four team NCAA tournament began?
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What year did the NCAA tournament expand to include sixty-four teams?


When does the NCAA tournament for 2011 begin?

The 2011 NCAA Tournament began March 16th in Dayton, Ohio with the first four games.

How many time has Kentucky appeared in the NCAA tournament?

Kentucky has appeared in the NCAA Tournament 50 times and has been to the NCAA Final Four 13 times.

How many teams from Kentucky for March Madness 09?

there were four(4) teams from Kentucky that played in the NCAA tournament there were four(4) teams from Kentucky that played in the NCAA tournament

What year did GT win NCAA tournament?

Georgia Tech has never won the NCAA Tournament. They were second in 2004 and made it to the Final Four in 1990.

How do you get into the final four?

By making to the last four teams in the NCAA March Madness tournament

Who are the final four?

The "Final Four" are the four teams that win the regional championships in the NCAA basketball tournament, thus becoming the final four teams in the tournament.

How many times in the history of the ncaa mens basketball tournament have four number one seeds reach in the ncaa final-four?

In 2008 this was the first time in the history og Men's NCAA basketball tournment were all four number seeds have had it to the final four. In 2008 for the first time in history of the Men's NCAA basketball tournament all four number one seeds reached the NCAA final four.

How many times has a three seed won in ncaa?

Four times. 1981 - Indiana 1989 - Michigan 2003 - Syracuse 2006 - Florida 1979 was the first year the NCAA Tournament began seeding teams.

How many teams are in the 2011 NCAA tournament?

There are 68 teams in the 2011 NCAA Tournament There were four extra teams to see who would get the 12 seeds in each section.

What team has the most NCAA tournament wins without a final four?


How many NCAA tournament final four games have gone to overtime?


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