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Q: What year did the ladies Wimbledon final change from Friday to Saturday?
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Did the Wimbledon ladies final play on a friday?


Who won ladies singles Wimbledon 1998?

The ladies singles Wimbledon champion in 1998 is Jana Novotná.

What time does play start daily at Wimbledon 2009?

The finals start at 9:00am est on saturday, ladies final, and sunday, mens final/

In what year was the ladies singles in Wimbledon inaugurated?


Wimbledon Championships for ladies in 2004?

Maria Sharapova

Who won ladies Wimbledon in 2008?

it was venus Williams

How many times did Steffi Graff win Wimbledon ladies single title?

Steffi Graf won the ladies' Wimbledon singles title 7 times.

Who was the Ladies singles champion at Wimbledon 1997?

Martina Hingis

Who was Wimbledon junior ladies champion in 2008?

Laura Robson

Who won the ladies final for Wimbledon 2011?

Petra Kvitova

Who won the Wimbledon Ladies' Singles Title 2008?

Venus Williams

Who won the Wimbledon ladies sngles final in 2006?

Amélie Mauresmo