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The New York Jets left Shea Stadium in 1983 and the stadium was demolished in 2009.

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Q: What year did the jets leave shea stadium?
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What year did the jets play at shea stadium?

from 1964 to 1983

What year did the Jets start playing their home games in Giants Stadium?

That was 1984. The Jets played at Shea Stadium from 1964-1983 and the Polo Grounds from 1960-1963.

What stadium did the Giants play in before Giants Stadium?

The New York Giants played their 1975 season at Shea while Giants Stadium was being built. The Giants were 5-9 that year (2-5 at Shea). Their coach was Bill Arnsparger and their quarterback was Craig Morton. That year, Shea served as the home field for four teams: the Mets, Yankees, Jets and Giants.* Polo Grounds (1925-1955) * Yankee Stadium (1956-1973) * Yale Bowl (1973-1974) * Shea Stadium (1975) * Giants Stadium (1976-present)

Why are the NY Jets called the Jets?

When the club, then the NY Titans, was purchased in 1963, co-owner David "Sonny" Werblin wanted to personify the Jet age, so he renamed the team the Jets. The story that it was because they played at Shea Stadium misses that the 1963 Jets played at the Polo Grounds and did not play at Shea until 1964, their fifth year of existence and second as the Jets.

I remember going to a jet colt game years ago The jets were getting 25pts and lost The game was in Shea Stadium Anybody know what year that was?


What year did the jets start to play at giants stadium?


What year did the New York Jets start playing at giants stadium?

1984. The Jets went 3-5 in games at Giants Stadium that season.

How many all star games have been played at shea stadium?

just one! 1964- the first year Shea opened

Where will the New York Mets play after their final year at Shea Stadium?

The mets will play at Citi Field it is being built in Willets Point near Shea Stadium. It is scheduled to open for the 2009 baseball season.

When did the Beatles play at shea stadium?

the very first time they played there was:August 15, 1965and they came back a year later

In which year did the Big Apple Top Hat light up every time the Mets hit a home run in Shea Stadium?

first year was 1980

Do the Jets and Giants play in the same place?

Yes, the Giants and the Jets play their home games at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. That is until next year when both teams move into the new stadium built right next door.

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