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The Dallas Cowboys joined the National Football League as an expansion team in 1960.

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Q: What year did the cowboys start playing?
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When did the Cowboys start playing on Thanksgiving Day?

The first year was 1966.

What year did Dallas start playing?

The Dallas Cowboys started playing in 1960 in the Cotton Bowl Stadium!!!!!

What year did the Dallas Cowboys start playing in the nfl?

The Dallas Cowboys joined the National Football League as an expansion team in 1960.

When did the Cowboys first start playing in the NFL?


What year did cowboys started playing in the NFL?

The Dallas Cowboys were an NFL expansion team in 1960.

How did the tradition of the Dallas Cowboys playing on Thanksgiving every year start?

I don't remember the year but it started when the league asked teams to participate and Tex Schram said yes.

When did the Dallas Cowboys start playing NFL football?


How well are the Dallas Cowboys playing this year?

pretty good

What year did the Dallas Cowboys begin playing?

Kansas City

Are the Dallas Cowboys playing the gobble game this year?

Yes. They are playing on Thanksgiving Day against Oakland.

When did the Dallas Cowboys start playing?

The Dallas Cowboys played their first Football Game in 1960.

How long have the Dallas Cowboys been playing on Thanksgiving?

The Cowboys have played on Thanksgiving Day every year since 1966, with the exceptions of the 1975 and 1977 seasons.

When did the Dallas Cowboys start playing at Texas stadium?

The first NFL regular season game at Texas Stadium was played October 24, 1971 between the Cowboys and the New England Patriots. The Cowboys won 44-21.

Who Is Dallas Cowboys playing?

The Cowboys are playing the New York Giants. Winner is in the playoffs, the loser is out.

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What year did deion saunders start with Dallas Cowboys?

September 9, 1995 Deion Sanders signed a contract with Jerry Jones and started his career with the Dallas Cowboys.

Who are the cowboys playing tonite?

The Oakland Raiders! Go Cowboys!

What year did Chicago Bears start playing football?

The year 1919

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What year did the Cowboys start the season 0-2 and win the Super Bowl?

It was the 1993 season, when Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith held out the first two games because of a contract dispute.

What rookie on the cowboys is most likely to win the rookie of the year award?

as of 2008 start, Felix Jones KR/RB

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