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Q: What year did the atlanta flames come to be the Calgary Flames?
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Who wrote the track Come Clarity by In Flames?

Anders Friden, lead singer of In Flames, is also the lead song writer. It is likely that he wrote the song "Come Clarity" for his metal band In Flames.

Where do flames come out of gas liquid and solid?

Not quite sure what you are asking but there are flames with both solid and liquid fuels

What makes blue flames and yellow flames?

Flames change colour according to what is being burnt and whether it is complete or incomplete combustion. Blue flames usually come about due to gas being burnt as that is complete combustion so all of the gas is burnt with no bi-products. Yellow flames however, the ones that usually come about due to wood being burnt come about because of the soot (carbon) produced when it is burnt. The soot burning is what produces the yellow flames. Flames can be all sorts of colours though, for instance, if you burn copper oxide then the flame will be green.

How do you make flames come out of exhaust naturally?

Advance the timing.

What causes fire out the carburetor?

A misfire will cause flames to come out of the carburettor

Why do flames come out my exhaust when it is idling?

Flames will come from the exhaust when raw gas enters the exhaust then ignites. run computer codes for the engine to look for a problem causing the gas to not burn completely.

When does the game Mercenaries 2 World in Flames come out?

agust 31 08

How do you get flames on toribash?

Well, you used to be able to edit the item.dat folder, and change flame settings, but now you have to subscribe to the flame forge, which is where the flames come from. All flames cost 50k tc to make. Once you have made one, it will appear in your inventory, and you need to activate it. Flames also sell on the torimarket for around 70k to 400k, depending on how famous/awesome it looks.

How does katniss' outfits appear in the hunger games?

The One For The Interveiw Its Red And When She Spins Flames COme Out

Why is Come Clarity not on iTunes or Amazon?

Because in flames is an awesome band and that would be too awesome if it was

Who made the in flames come clarity album cover?

Derek Hess who does a lot of metal stuff

When will mercenaries 2 come out on ps2?

Mercenaries 2 world in flames is already out for the PS2 and was released in August 31 2008

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