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The US hockey team beat Russia in the 1980 Olympics, which is featured in the 2004 movie Miracle. Thanks for using ChaCha

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Q: What year did the US beat Russia at ice hockey?
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What year did the us beat the Russians in ice hockey?


What country did the US hockey team defeat for the gold medal?

The men's ice hockey team beat Canada in 1960 and Russia in 1980. The women's ice hockey team beat Canada in 1998. Neither field hockey team has ever won a gold medal.

What year did the US beat the Soviets and win gold in ice hockey?


What is the natonal sport of russia?

ice hockey

What was the greatest moment in sports history?

the miracle on ice when 1980 USA olympic hockey team beat russia. obviously.

What is national game of Russia?

Football (with a round ball) and Ice Hockey.

How many Ice Hockey teams are there in Russia?


Who excels in the sport ice hockey?

Generally, the team to beat is The Canadians. Why? Canada's national sport is ice hockey. However, in current Olympics the three teams to beat are USA, Canada and Russia. Because USA beat Canadian in a match game of the Olympics, the Americans are the favorites to win the gold.

What year was ice hockey made?

ice hockey was made in the 1850's

Which school do not have an NCAA Women's Ice Hockey Team?


What year did the US beat the Soviets and win gold in ice hockey and where?

If you are talking about in the Olympics, 1980 in Lake Placid

What are the most popular sports in Russia?

The most popular sports in Russia are ice hockey and football.

How do you beat dry bowser at ice hockey?

no i dont know how

Which country won the World Ice Hockey Championship 2012?


In what year was floor hockey and ice hockey first introduced?


Who played in the Olympic hockey final in 1976?

In field hockey, New Zealand beat Australia 1-0. In ice hockey, the USSR beat Czechoslovakia 4-3.

What sports do they play in Russia?

football-which is soccar in their country ice hockey and rugby

Has russia ever won in Ice hockey?

Yes, they won 8 times.

What is the national of sport Russia?

russia plays football, ice hockey and basketball, they also plays Olympics games

In what year was ice hockey started?

March 3, 1825. HOCKEY ROX!!!!

What are the sports and hobbies of russia?

Some of the sports Russians do are: basketball, Ice Hockey, and Bandy.

What is the name of the most titled ice hockey team and the world based in moscow?


What do you call hockey that is not played on the ice?

Hockey Just hockey Hockey on ice is called ice hockey

What are Russia's favorite Olympic events?

Russia's SportsRussians like winter sports. their best is ice hockey and figure skating.

What year did ice hockey start to compete in the winter Olympics?

Ice hockey was competed at the first Winter Olympic Games in 1924. But, ice hockey first debuted at the 1920 Games in Antwerp.