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Q: What year did the Toronto blue jays start playing in American league?
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What year did the blue jays start?

Toronto began as an American League expansion team in 1977.

When did satchel paige start playing baseball?

Satchel Paige was signed to the Cleveland Indians of the American League in 1948.

Did the American League start in 1957?

No. The American League joined the National league in 1901 to form Major League Baseball

When did American football league start?

The American Football League first played games in 1960.

When did the American league start play?

The American League was founded in 1894 as a minor league and was known as the Western League. The name was changed to American League for the 1900 season and it remained a minor league. The American League declared itself a major league in 1901 and has been a major league ever since.

Will the World Series start in American or national league?

The 2008 World Series will begin in the ballpark of the American League pennant winner.

When did Jacky Robortson start playing in the major league baseball?


What year did the American League start using the designated hitter?


When did the American football start?

The National football league started in 1920.

What season did Wayne Rooney start playing in the Premier League?


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When did Chargers start playing football?

The Chargers were a charter team of the American Football League when it began play in 1960. That year they played in Los Angeles and moved to San Diego in 1961.