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Q: What year did the St. Louis Cardinals offer a Jim Edmonds' bobble head?
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When was a San francisco chronccle Willie Mays green base bobble head give-away?

Willie Mays Bobble HeadThe first baseball team to offer a bobble head giveaway was the San Francisco Giants, which distributed 35,000 Willie Mays bobble head dolls at a 1999 game. They were made by Alexander Global Promotions Inc. and currently sell for about $200.00 I don't know if this bobble head was sponsored by the San Francisco Chronicle. If you know the year it was issued a more accurate value can be given.

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Where can you find the values of different bobble heads?

The Colored base series of baseball bobbing heads were the very first set of bobble head dolls issued. They were issued from 1960-1961 and included only 12 Major Leagues teams. The series also included 3 PCL (Pacific Coast League) teams. Each doll sits on a different color base- the Major League teams do not have the cities decaled on the base. Unlike future baseball series, there were only 2 mascot head dolls in this set (Baltimore Orioles & the Pittsburgh Pirates). Most dolls range in the - range with the exception of the rare Washington Senator doll that can bring 1,500 dollars and better. The first baseball team to offer a bobble head giveaway was the San Francisco Giants, which distributed 20,000 Willie Mays head nodders at a 1999 game. They were made by Alexander Global Promotions Inc. and currently sell for about two hundred dollars. For More information on bobble head dolls, including price guide, pictures, and check lists visit the links located below.

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