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The New Orleans first made the playoffs in the 1987 season as a wild card. In their first ever playoff game, they lost to the Minnesota Vikings 44-10.

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Q: What year did the Saints make their first NFL playoff apperance?
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What year did the New Orleans Saints make their first NFL playoff appearance?

The year was 1987.

What year did the saints make their first NFL playoff?

They played and lost against the Falcons in 1991.

What year did the Saints make their first NFL playoff appearance?

The Saints first playoff appearance came in the 1987 season when they went 13-3 and were a wild card team. Their first playoff game was January 3, 1988 against the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings won that game 44-10. The Saints were 12-3 that strike-shortened season. The 49ers won the division at 13-2. That's why the Saints were playing in the Metrodome as a wild-card. 2009 was the first time the Saints won 13 games in a season.

Have the New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl?

The New Orleans Saints have to play the NFC playoff against the Vikings before they can make it to the Super Bowl and before that can be determined.

What year did the Pittsburgh Steelers make their first playoff appearance?

The Steelers first playoff appearance was in 1947. They lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 21-0.

In 2006 who was the first NFL team to make it to a conference championship?

The Saints - they won their divisional round playoff game on Saturday afternoon over the Eagles, while the Colts won theirs that night and the Bears and Patriots won theirs the ensuing Sunday.

What year did the Dallas Cowboys make their first playoff appearance?

After the 1966 regular season.

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How many times did the Saints make it to the playoff before Drew Brees joined the team?

5 times: 1987, 1990, 1991, 1992, 2000 including 2 NFC West Championships in 1991, 2000

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Did the New Orleans Saints make the playoffs?

Yes, the Saints are in the Playoffs, they won the division and also have home field advantage for all of the playoff games. They're playing in the NFC championship on Sunday at 5:40 in the Louisiana Superdome.Yes, the New Orleans Saints are safely in the 2009/2010 NFL Playoffs.They won their division and have secured a first-round bye, but failed to lock up homefield advantage throughout the playoffs with their Dec. 27 overtime loss to Tampa Bay.But with the Minnesota Vikings loss to the Chicago Bears on December 28, 2009, the Saints were able to lock up the homefield adavntage throughout anyway.

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