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The Raiders went 13-1 in the 1967 and 1976 seasons. They went to the Super Bowl both years, losing to Green Bay in Super Bowl II and defeating the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl XI.

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Q: What year did the Raiders have their best win loss record?
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What is the Oakland Raiders win loss record for the 2010 season?

The Raiders finished 8-8-0 that's eight wins eight wins. They almost got into the playoffs this year, if only we won that damned Cardinals game.

What is the win loss record for the bears and vikings?

it depends on the year

What is the best team home record start in NBA history?

The Boston Celtics 85-86 year with a record of 40-1 in their home court, their only loss was by the portland trail blazers

What year did the Oakland Raiders go 15-1-0?

Through the 2009 season, the Raiders have never gone 15-1-0 in a 16 game season. Their best record in a 16 game season is 12-4-0 which they accomplished in 1983, 1985, 1990, and 2000. When the regular season was 14 games, the Raiders twice went 13-1-0 (1967, 1976).

What year was Newfoundland counted?

Newfoundland has been around eversince vikings. The first record of someone living in Newfoundland was in 1200. The Norse raiders lived there.

What was Archie Manning's win-loss record?

In 135 starts over a 14 year career, his record was 35 wins 104 losses.

What is the best record an expansion team has ever had in their first year?

Not sure if it's THE best, but the 1967-68 Dallas Chaparrals had a 46-32 record their first year....

What was the Florida Gator's record last year?

The Florida Gators 2009 season record was 13-1. (Loss to Alabama in SEC Title Game)

Did Troy Aikman lose to Oakland Raiders?

In his 12 year career Troy Aikman never lost to the Oakland Raiders. During is tenure with the Cowboys, they played the Raiders three times. The first two games the Cowboys won in 1992 and 1995 and the third they lost in 1998. However, Aikman was out due to injury and did not play in the loss.

What s the best record in record history?

In Nba the Chicago Bulls went 72-10 one year. That is the best Nba ever.

Who are better Ravens or Raiders?

The Ravens have consistently beaten the Raiders throughout their 17 year history.

What year did the raiders join the AFL?

The Raiders were a charter member of the AFL, beginning play in 1960.