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To the best of my knowledge, the pinstripes have always been blue. The Yankees colors have always incorporated blue and never black. They do use a dark blue color which can appear black, but I have never seen or read anywhere about black being used on a Yankees uniform. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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Q: What year did the New York Yankees pinstripes change from black to navy blue?
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When did New York Yankees start wearing pinstripes?

The New York Yankees first started wearing pinstripes on their uniforms in 1912. This was also the year they began to undertake a name change from the Highlandes to the Yankees.

What is the New York Yankees slogan?

The Yankees slogan is: "Pride, Power, Pinstripes"

Who had pinstripes first the Philadelphia Phillies or the New York Yankees?

The Yankees have had pinstripes as their main uniform design since 1913. The Phillies pinstripe uniforms were introduced in 1948. So the Yankees have had pinstripes longer.

What color are the New York Yankees pinstripes?

Navy Blue

What year did the New York Yankees add pinstripes?


When did the New York Yankees get pinstripes?

In 1912 at West Virginia.

How many pinstripes are on a New York Yankees uniform?

The number of pinstripes will vary on a jersey, pants, or the size of the uniform. The pinstripes are 1" apart on center.

Why does the New York Yankees team wear pinstripes?

The Yankees started wearing pinstripes in 1912 as a fashion statement. Even though they were not the first team to wear them. They abandoned the pinstripes in 1913-1914, but in 1915 they went back to the pinstripes for good.

When do the New York Yankees wear pinstripes For Home and not away?

its a tradition

Why are there pinstripes on the New York Yankees uniform?

To distinguish theirs from the NY Giants

What color are the New York Yankees belts?

Same as the pinstripes and hat. Dark blue.

What is the New York Yankees uniform design?

The Yankees have a white uniform with black pinstripes going vertically with the "NY" logo on their shirt for their home uniforms. for the away uniforms they have gray shirts and pants with "New York" across their chests.

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