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1984. The Jets went 3-5 in games at Giants Stadium that season.

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Q: What year did the New York Jets start playing at giants stadium?
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What year did the Jets start playing their home games in Giants Stadium?

That was 1984. The Jets played at Shea Stadium from 1964-1983 and the Polo Grounds from 1960-1963.

What year did the jets start to play at giants stadium?


What is the New York Jets stadium called?

It is called 'Giants Stadium'.The Jets share the stadium with the NY Giants.

What is the jets stadium name?

The Jets and the Giants share the same stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. Although the Jets play there, it is officially called Giants Stadium.

Do the Giants and Jets both play at Giants Stadium?

yes they do but the stadium is in jersey

Who got new stadium NY jets or giants?

The New Meadowlands stadium in NJ will be shared by both Jets and Giants.

Will the new Giants stadium be shared with the Jets?

Yes, they share the stadium between games the stadium is completely transformed from Jets colors to Giants colors

Do the New York Giants and the New York Jets play in the same stadium?

The New York Jets play in East Rutherford, NJ at Giants Stadium. YES!! The New York Jets and the New York Giants both play in the same stadium. The name of the current stadium the Giants and Jets play in is called MetLife Stadium.

Do the giants and jets share a stadium?

Yes they do

Do you Jets and Giants NFL team share the same stadium?

The Jest and the Giants share the same stadium.

Where do the jets and giants play?

New Meadowlands Stadium

Where did the Jets used to play prior to Giants Stadium?

The Jets used to play in Flushing, NY at Shea Stadium

Where did the New York Jets play prior to the Meadowlands?

Prior to playing in the Meadowlands at Giants Stadium and MetLife Stadium, the New York Jets played at Shea Stadium(1964-1983) and the Polo Grounds (1960-1963).

Which stadium opened in the New Jersey Meadowlands in 1976?

Giants Stadium, home of the N.Y. Giants and N.Y. Jets.

The New York Giants and the New York Jets play at giants stadium where is that stadium located?

Hempstead, NJ

Is MetLife Stadium the New York Jets stadium?

Yes. Both the New York Jets and New York Giants play at MetLife Stadium.

Where is the stadium that the Jets and Giants play?

East Rutherford, NJ

What is the name of the stadium where the ny jets play?

giants stadium. but in the 2010 stadium i believe it will be called meadowland stadium

The New York Giants and New York Jets play in what stadium?

MetLife Stadium.

Did the New York Jets build a new stadium?

Yes/No the jets and the giants share the same stadium. And a new one was opened in 2010.

Will the ny jets ny giants share the new stadium?


Where do they ny giants play?

New Meadowlands Stadium, shared with Jets.

Why does the giants and jets have to play in New Jersey and not in New York?

That is where the stadium is.

What nfl stadium has largest seating capacity?

MetLife Stadium, Giants and Jets. Seats 82,566 people.

What two NFL teams share the same stadium?

Jets and Giants both play at MetLife Stadium.