What year did the Jordan 12 come out?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Q: What year did the Jordan 12 come out?
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When did the Jordan 12 first appear?

Jordan 12 first appeared in 1996 but never come to the shelves at first, Then finally in 1997 the jordan 12 eventually hit the shelves, Jordan 12 also was the most durable shoe out. The Air Jordan 12 was the first Jordan shoe to be part of the Jordan Brand collection.

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They will come out in December 2008. They will come in a package with the Air Jordan 12's. You will not be able to buy the 11's seperately. You will have to buy the package.

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Jordan Davis was born on 1983-01-21.

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There are 12 cities in Jordan.

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August 12 every year ( for madden 13,14,and 15 they all will come out at august 12

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When was Claudia Jordan born?

Claudia Jordan was born on April 12, 1973.

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