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The Green Bay Packers, following the league's mandate, put player's names on their jerseys beginning with the 1970 season.

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Q: What year did the Green Bay Packers first have names on their jerseys?
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Are the Green Bay Packers numbers sewd on?

The numbers and names are stiched on to real NFL jerseys. Fans can buy replica jerseys with numbers and names screen printed on for a lower cost.

Who First baseball team to have names on jerseys?

The Chicago White Sox had names on their names for the road jerseys in 1960. In 1961, they had it for the home as well as their road jerseys.

What are the Green Bay Packers players names?

Click on the link below to see the Green Bay Packers roster.

When did names first appear on backs of NFL jerseys?


What are the names of the fields that the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears play at?

The Green Bay Packers play at Lambeau Field, and the Chicago Bears play at Soldier's Field

What year did MLB teams wear their names on their jerseys?

The White Sox, in 1960, became the first team to put names on their jerseys. As baseball popularity grew, other teams began to do the same. At this point all teams except the Yankees, wear jerseys with their names on them.

When did names first appear on major sports jerseys?

A long time ago!

What NHL team was the first to wear names on their jerseys?

California Golden Seals.

What college football team was first to put names on their jerseys?

it was university of Hawaii

In what decade did the names first start to appear on the back of nfl jerseys?


Who are all the Green Bay packers names and numbers?

Go to or google "Packkers roster"

What were all the players names for the Green Bay Packers who wore the?

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