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The European Cup became known as the UEFA Champions League since the 1992-1993 season.

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Q: What year did the European nations cup become the European championship?
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European Football championship organized in the year?

fabio capello organized it

When is the next six nations?

If you are refering to the Six Nations Rugby Championship, then it is an annual event that occurs during February and March each year. The Six Nations Rugby Championship is contested between England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales.

What year did President Monroe issue a warning to the European nations to keep out of the western hemisphere?

He issued it on December 2, 1823 and it would later become known as the Monroe Doctrine.

What year did the European union become an organization?

in 1993

When did Italy join the six nations?

Italy and the European Union (EU)Italy was one of the original six founder members of the earliest post-WW2 European communities, and the treaty which established the European Economic Community (EEC) is called the Treaty of Rome. In the aftermath of World War 2 there was a deterimination in much of Western Europe to build a new, prosperous, interdepenendent and peaceful Europe. It's been such a huge success that many countries are clamouring for admission to the EU.Joncey

What year was African slavery introduced to European nations?

Well after the African Moors made slaves of the Europeans.

How did carmelo become famous?

He played college basketball and lead the Syracuse Orange to a national championship in his freshman year

What year did wrexham become the first british team to win European trophy?

No Welsh team has ever won a European trophy.

When is the six nations rugby match this Saturday?

The Six Nations started in 2000. England have been playing in it since then. Prior to that was the Five Nations, which started in 1910 and the Home Nations which started in 1883, both of which England were part of.

By what year had most of Africa been colonized?

Most of the continent of Africa had been colonized by the year 1900. The African colonization was one by 7 European nations.

What year did Celtic become the first british club to win the European cup?

in 1967

When did Wales last beat England?

Since the Six Nations Rugby Championship came into being in 2000, Wales have won it twice - in 2005 and 2008. Both times they won it with a 'Grand Slam', which means they were unbeaten in all five of their matches.