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The European Cup was changed to champions league in the year 1992.

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Q: What year did the European cup change to champions League?
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What was the year of the first champions league?

The first year of the Champions League was in 1992. But if you are referring to the first year of the Champions League as in first year of European cup it was in 1955.

What year did the European Cup become the Champions League?


Which year did Arsenal win champions league?

As of the end of the 2014 Champions League, Arsenal have never won it or its predecessor: the European Cup.

Which year did ac Milan win their fifth champions league?

AC Milan won the European Cup in 1963,69,89,90 and Champions League in 1994,2003,07

What year did Liverpool win their fourth champions league trophy?

Liverpool won their fourth European Cup in 1984. Liverpool have won the European Cup 5 times (the 5th in its present format as Champions League).

Do the winners of the europa league go into the champions league?

No, but the champions will automaticaly qualify for the next year's Europa League.

What year did Chelsea get into the champions league?

Chelsea has always been into the champions league but they have never won it

WhicH year did champions league started?

The champion League started in the year 1950.

Has Chelsea football club ever won a European trophy?

Yes they won the champions league this year - Season 2011 - 2012.

How and when does the venue for the final of the European Champions League get chosen?

when someone chooses the venue it is normally the biggest venue but it changes every year.

What year did champions league start?


Who will win the champions league this year?


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