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The Oilers first season in the NHL was the 1979-80 season.

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Q: What year did the Edmonton Oilers start up?
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Carolina Hurricanes (Stanley Cup Winners) Edmonton Oilers (Runners-up)

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Because they the NHL team in closest proximity to the Edmonton Oilers, obviously it's hard to live up to such superiority only a couple hundred Km away, it must be extremely intimidating.

Who are some famous Edmonton athletes?

I suggest you go to the Oilers' website or that of the Hockey News or the NHL and get up-to-date roster information.

What is the record for points scored in one hockey season?

Wayne Gretzky scored 52 goals and put up an amazing 163 assists for the Edmonton Oilers during the 85'-86' season. 215 pts stands as the most points scored in a single season.

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The final game played between the Houston Oilers and Dallas Cowboys occurred on September 11, 1994 and was won by Dallas, 20-17. In all, the Oilers and Cowboys matched up eight times, with Dallas holding a 5-3 record.

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