What year did the Colts enter the NFL?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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Q: What year did the Colts enter the NFL?
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What year did the colts begin in Baltimore?

The Baltimore Colts NFL franchise began in 1953, and is currently known as the Indianapolis Colts.

What is the best season the NFL colts has had?

This year. 2009 10-0

What year did the colts play browns in an NFL preseason doubleheader?


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Year john elway was drafted to the NFL?

Elway was the first overall choice in the 1983 NFL draft by the Boltimore Colts.

Has any NFL team gone undefeated on Sunday Night Football?

Yes. This year the Colts are undefeated in NFL and Sunday night football.1-0. Colts 35 Patriots 31

Who was the NFL rookie of the year in 1955?

That was running back Alan Ameche of the Baltimore Colts.

Who is the worst nfl receiver?

On the colts but I am a colts fan

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